Why choose Bradford White?

Bradford White Electric Heater: The Perfect Choice for Energy-Saving Performance

The Bradford white electric heater is one of the most essential tools in our homes right now. Without this tool, we can’t be able to take a hot shower or have steaming water that comes from our pipes. Imagine you come from a long trip or exhausting day and step into your bathroom, looking for the warm water flowing down the sink.

Here comes the Bradford white electric water heater comes into the action, which gives you that comfortable and soothing steam of relief every time. But you know what makes this everyday item stand out? If you want to know the answer to this question and know more about this heater, then don’t go elsewhere.

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What is Bradford White Electric Water Heater?

The Bradford white electric heater is a famous home gadget that heats water rapidly and has multiple uses. It is very important in our homes and businesses because it ensures a steady flow of hot water in homes. These are the things that are required for cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

It is also important because it makes people and families in the home more comfortable and makes your lives easier. The electric water heater also saves energy, making it an important tool for businesses and homes in the modern world. The reliable Bradford White electric water heater warranty often backs it.

Bradford White electric water heater warranty

Selecting the Right Gallon Capacity: Bradford White Electric Water Heater

Here, I will tell you about the different gallon capacities of Bradford white electric water heater. We will also tell you which gallon-capacity heater is best for your home, which will help you to make an informed decision. We will also highlight the price structure with different gallon capacities. So, this section will be the most important part of this article.

Here are six-gallon capacities of electric water heaters available in the market.

  1. 30 gallons
  2. 40 gallons
  3. 50 gallons
  4. 65 gallons
  5. 80 gallons
  6. 100 gallons

1. Bradford White Electric Water Heater 30 Gallon

The Bradford white electric water heater is a small and effective choice for areas and homes that are smaller in size. It has a lot of hot water, and it uses less energy. That’s why it is comfortable and saves a lot of money for you.

The Bradford White water heater 30 gallon price is user-friendly, so it is a great choice for individuals who need hot water and don’t want to spend more money. It is also a good choice for homes that use a modest amount of heat because it has less price and it is cheap.

Bradford White water heater 30 gallon price

2. Bradford White Electric Water Heater 40 Gallon

The electric water heater is also available in the 40-gallon capacity, a reliable choice for homes seeking an efficient hot water solution. This gallon-capacity heater will offer you a great balance of capacity and energy because it is durable and high-performance.

Bradford White water heater 40 gallon price is competitive and affordable without compromising quality. Whether purchasing a Bradford white 40-gallon electric water heater for daily showers or household chores, it ensures a steady hot water supply that fulfills your family’s needs.

Bradford White water heater 40 gallon price

3. Bradford white water heater 50 gallon

The Bradford white 50-gallon electric water heater is a versatile and efficient solution for the household, along with great hot water demands. This gallon-capacity heater will provide ample capacity to fulfill the typical family’s needs.

Because of its long-term feature and reliable performance, it ensures a constant hot water supply. Furthermore, the Bradford White water heater 50 gallon price is user-friendly, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking high quality and affordability in the water heating system.

4. Bradford White 65 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The 65-gallon white electric water heater is a reliable and efficient hot water solution for businesses and homes. This model will provide ample hot water storage, ensuring a consistent supply for large households or commercial homes.

Even though it has a large space and uses a very small amount of energy that helps you keep your electricity bills down, the price of Bradford white electric water heater 65 gallon will depend on where you are living right now and your needs and wants. So I suggest you check with the local suppliers for exact price information.

Bradford white electric water heater 65 gallon

5. Bradford White 80 Gallon Electric Water Heater

This 80 gallon electric water heater will provide ample hot water for larger homes and commercial applications. Because of its reliability and efficiency, it ensures a steady supply of hot water.

Talking about its prices will vary and depend on the needs and preferences of the buyer. The prices also vary with the model; it is money value. This is because it gives you an excellent value for the high performance and capacity that makes this tool the top choice for those with substantial hot water demands.

6. 100-gallon Bradford White Electric Water Heater

The 100-gallon capacity Bradford white electric water heater is the best powerhouse for meeting the extensive hot water demands. It is an ideal choice for the commercial settings and the large households. Because of its large size and advanced technology, it ensures that it has an ample hot water supply.

The price of this 100-gallon capacity tool depends on the configurations and features, and you can look for the typically competitive options when you are searching out this heater.

Price Structure of Different Bradford White Water Heater Gallons Capacity

I will tell you the structure of Bradford white water heater prices in table form. This is the best way to represent the prices of anything with different variants. These prices are in dollars, making it easy to decide which one is better for you.

HeaterGallon CapacityPrices (USD)
Bradford White Electric Water30 Gallons$995.00
Bradford White Electric Water40 Gallons$1,176.89
Bradford White Electric Water50 Gallons$816.66
Bradford White Electric Water65 Gallons$3,642.89
Bradford White Electric Water80 Gallons$3,642.89
Bradford White Electric Water100 GallonsNot Available


10 Common Problems of Bradford White Electric Water Heater

Here are some of the problems that many users face.

1.      No Hot Water:

This is one of the most common problems, which means more hot water is needed. It occurs because of the malfunctioning heating element, thermostat problems, and electrical issues.

2.      Water Temperature Fluctuations:

It is frustrating for the homeowner that the heater’s water temperature could be more consistent. This problem is probably due to the faulty thermostat or sediment created inside the tank.

3.      Leaking:

The water leaks will be created around the tank or from the pressure relief valve. The reason for this problem is the corrosion or any destroy valve.

4.      Strange Noises:

The strange noises like popping, banging, and rumbling will blink, a sign of sediment buildup inside the tank. This will affect the efficiency of heating.

5.      Foul Odors:

The foul and tasting water will occur because of the bacteria growth in the tank. The problem might be solved if you clean and flush the tank.

6.      Low Water Pressure:

The decrease in water pressure at hot water outlets may have happened because of the mineral buildup or because it partially closed the valve.

7.      Circuit Breaker Tripping:

When you notice that the water heater continuously trips again and again, then it means there is an electrical problem, and you have to solve it immediately.

8.      Rust or Corrosion:

The corrosion on the exterior part of the tank or rusty water will be the signs of the tank’s deterioration.

9.      High Energy Bills:

The inefficient water heat may assist you with the higher energy bills. Faulty thermostats and sediment buildup will create these types of issues. 

10.  Shortened Lifespan:

All the water heater of any gallon capacity will degrade occasionally. If the Bradford white electric water heater falls prematurely, it might have happened because of manufacturing defects or improper maintenance. 

Problems in Bradford white electric water heater

Effective Solutions to Common Problems

·         No Hot Water:

To solve this issue, you must check the circuit breaker to ensure it is not tripped. After that analysis, the thermostat is set to the exact temperature. Use a multimeter to test the heating element and replace it if any faulty elements are found.

·         Water Temperature Fluctuations:

You need to adjust the thermostat to a consistent temperature and flush the tank to remove sediment buildup, which might affect the temperature consistency.

·         Leaking:

Analyze the tank and the pressure relief valve for visible leaks. If you found them, then replace the faulty component. Determine the temperature and pressure of the relief valve to ensure it is not discharging excessively because of the high temperature or pressure.

·         Strange Noises:

To get rid of strange noises, drain and flush the tank to eliminate the sediment buildup, which causes rumbling or popping noises. If the noise is not silent, it might indicate a serious issue, and you have to call a professional plumber to solve this problem.

·         Foul Odors:

To solve this problem, flush the tank and remove the sediment buildup and bacteria. Consider installing the magnesium anode rod, which will help you manage the odors caused by the bacteria.

·         Low Water Pressure:

You must check for partially closed or closed valves on the hot water outlet. If you suspect the sediment buildup, flush the tank to improve the water flow.

·         Circuit Breaker Tripping:

The homeowner must inspect the connections and wiring to ensure no damaged or loose wires. If the breaker is continuously tripping, consult the electrician to address the issue.

·         Rust or Corrosion:

The cleaning can often address the external rust and repaint the exterior part of the tank. If you address rusty water, then it will indicate a deteriorating anode rod. So replace it and stop the further corrosion.

·         High Energy Bills:

Cover the tank and the hot water pipes to decrease heat loss. Check and balance the thermostat to the energy-efficient temperature setting. You have to flush and maintain the efficiency regularly.

·         Shortened Lifespan:

Ensure you don’t properly maintain and flush the tank or check the anode regularly. If your water heater fails prematurely and is under warranty, contact Bradford White’s officials for possible warranty service.

7 Effective Features of Bradford White Electric Heater

  • Energy Efficiency:

These heaters are created with advanced technology to increase energy and efficiency and decrease utility bills and environmental impact.

  • Multiple Gallon Capacities:

The Bradford white electric water heater provides you with multiple-gallon capacities to accommodate multiple household sizes and needs for hot water.

  • Quick Recovery Rate:

The recovery rate of these heaters is very quick, and they ensure a continuous hot water supply even though you are using them at your peak.

  • Durable Construction:

These heaters are built with high-quality materials and corrosion-resistant components and are popular for their durability.

  • User-Friendly Controls:

The digital display and intuitive controls will make it easy to set and balance the temperature of the water according to your preferences.

  • Safety Features:

The Bradford white electric water heaters have safety features like temperature and pressure relief valves to ensure worry-free operation.

  • Quiet Operation:

There is no noise from this tool when operating; it decreases the noise disruptions in the home while providing hot water.

What is the Bradford White Defender Series?

It is a line of popular residential gas water heaters because of their durability and advanced safety features. These water heaters are designed to offer efficient hot water heating. Also, they offer advanced-level protection against flammable vapor ignition.

Significance of the Bradford White Defender Series:

  • Safety Assurance:

The Defender series incorporates the advanced flame arrestor design and the patented technology of Screenlok. This will significantly decrease the risk of flammable vapor ignition. It ensures the safety of both the property and the homeowners. 

  • Durability:

These water heaters are constructed with high-quality materials and have advanced engineering, making them highly durable and long-lasting. The homeowners can depend on them for long years of trouble-free hot water supply.

  • Energy Efficiency:

These Defender series water heaters are designed to be energy-efficient, and they help homeowners save on energy costs while offering a consistent hot water supply. This will give an advantage to the environment and also decrease utility bills.

Some features of the Bradford White Defender Series

  • The heater contains advanced flammable vapor ignition resistance
  • Long-term construction for longevity
  • It is energy-efficient.

A Review of Users on Bradford White Electric Water Heater

There are multiple Bradford white electric water heater reviews, but I am sharing the best review of one user on this equipment.

I’m very happy with the Bradford White electric water heater I bought last winter. No matter what, it has always given my family a steady flow of hot water. It saves energy, which is a plus, and the safety features, like the reset button, make me feel safe. Very strongly suggested!


The Bradford White electric water heater is an important home tool that ensures hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. It is a good choice for home and business use because it uses little energy, holds many gallons, and has safety features like a stop button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets Bradford White electric water heaters apart from others?

Bradford White heaters are reliable and efficient ways to heat water because they use little energy, last a long time, and have improved safety features.

How do I address the low water pressure in my Bradford White electric water heater?

Check the hot water outlets for valves that are closed or partly closed. If they are, flush the tank to get more water flowing.

What should I do if my Bradford White electric water heater trips the circuit breaker frequently?

Check the connections and wiring for harm. If the issue continues, get help from an electrician to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

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