How do I reset my main breaker?

Troubleshooting Steps: How To Reset AC Breaker in 4 Easy Steps!

Your air conditioner circuit breaker might switch because of a recent thunderstorm hit. Now your Device is not working properly, and you need to reset the ac breaker. Below are the steps that will help you reset your AC circuit breaker, and these are DIY-friendly solutions.

To fix all these problems, all you need to do is locate the service panel. And then fix the right Device there. But still, there are a few details on which you need to pay some attention. So that you will not make any kind of mistake that costs you some money. Read on to find out the ways and steps that will help you reset the ac breaker and we will also tell you why ac breaker tripped and won’t reset.

Why do you want to Reset AC Breaker?

There are multiple reasons, but one of the main ones is the tripped breaker. As you analyze that many in many electrical appliances, the air conditioning unit has its circuit breaker. Two might be exact: one that is running on the outside and another one operating inside.

To be honest, a circuit breaker is the safety switch that secures your Device by immediately shutting it down when there is an overload detected on the Device. It will stop explosions and fires. When your power comes back, then, there is a sudden jump in the electrical voltage that will cause an overload in the unit circuit. This is when the circuit breaker comes into action.

resetting ac unit

How to Reset AC breaker outside?

To reset outdoor ac breaker, locate the breaker box, identify the AC breaker, and switch it off, and then back on.

Can resetting the breaker fix ac?

Resetting the breaker can fix some AC issues caused by overload or electrical surges, restoring normal operation.

Top 5 Reasons Why you need to Reset AC breaker?

Here are the possible reasons that might cause your AC circuit breaker to keep tripping and you need to reset it.

·        Overloaded Circuit: 

When you use too many electrical appliances on a single circuit, it will cause the ac to trip over and over again.

ac breaker won't not reset because of overload circuit

·        Electrical Surges:

When you determine there is a sudden spike in the electrical voltage, then most probably it will be caused by lightning or power grid issues it might trigger the AC breaker to trip for safety.

·        Malfunctioning Equipment: 

A faulty conditioner or connected equipment that will lead to the short or overload circuit that prompts the need to reset the AC breaker.

·        Temporary Power Outage:

After the power outage, the AC breaker might trip when the power is restored, which requires a reset to resume normal operation.

reset outdoor ac breaker

·        Wiring Issues:

Damaged or faulty wiring in the electrical system can also cause the AC breaker to trip as a safety measure, and it necessitates a reset once you address the issue.

If you want to know what causes a breaker to trip and how to get rid of this problem, then you know from here.

faulty wiring

How to Reset ac breaker seems cooler?

If resetting the AC breaker makes the system seem cooler, it indicates that the reset resolved a potential electrical issue.

How to Reset compressor ac breaker?

Resetting the compressor AC breaker involves turning it off and on to troubleshoot and restore proper functioning.

How long to reset ac breaker?

The time it takes to reset an AC breaker is usually a quick process, typically a matter of seconds.

How To Reset AC Breaker? In 4 Easy Steps!

Now we are discussing how you can reset the breaker for AC. Below are the steps that you can do by yourself without needing a professional.

1. Shut Off your AC:

This is the first step in which you need to turn off your AC simply before resetting the thermostat. After that, we suggest you use your owner’s manual to locate the shutoff button that is located on your AC. Ensure that you turn the thermostat to the off position before you turn off your AC unit. This is one of the essential steps for the safety of your unit, so you have to do it properly.

2. Find out the AC Circuit Breaker:

Now, in this step, you have to find the circuit breaker that is probably in your electricity panel. In the circuit breaker you will find out window ac reset button also. So, look for the circuit breaker that is linked to your Device and then turn it off. Most of the time, your AC circuit breaker is located in the crawl spaces, basements, or closets.

Reset AC  breaker

3. Wait for Some Minutes:

Here we will answer a common question that is reset ac breaker how long to wait? Once you turn off the circuit breaker that is linked to the AC unit, you have to wait for at least 1 minute. Set the timer for 60 seconds, then turn your power back on to the AC unit. We recommend you tell your family members that you are resetting the breakers and that it will be good for your and their safety.

4. Turn Back on your Device:

After waiting for 60 seconds, you now need to reset your AC circuit breaker on your own. Please find out the thermostat and then carefully turn back it on. Make sure that you set your Device to a stable temperature and then wait for the AC to cool the air or room so that it will confirm that it is working.

Is it necessary that you have to reset breaker for ac to work?

Yes, you may need to reset the breaker for the AC to work, especially after an overload or power disruption.

Where is reset button on ac unit?

There is typically no reset button on the AC unit itself; instead, you reset it by switching the corresponding breaker off and on.

What if your AC not turning on after Breaker reset?

If you determine that your ac is not starting after doing these steps, then most probably there is a malfunction problem. Malfunction problems range from easy-to-fix problems such as clogged filters to advanced technical issues like refrigerant leaks.

You determine that the filter of the ac unit can clog with the debris just like the other parts of the air conditioning also clog with the debris. For example, if the condensate drains clog, then your air conditioner might fail to start.

If you determine the malfunction problem on time. Then you will be aware of the microbial growth, which can cause health problems. In addition, it will secure your equipment from mold spores and algae damage.

But your ac system is already linked with the microbial growth on the components like evaporator coils. Debris buildup will stop the system from efficiently absorbing heat from the warm indoor air. Moreover, the debris on the sensitive copper tubes will also cause corrosion that will lead to refrigerant leaks.

AC wont start again

How to reset ac unit?

To reset the entire AC unit, locate the circuit breaker for the AC system in your electrical panel and toggle it off and on.

How to reset air conditioner thermostat?

Resetting the air conditioner thermostat involves adjusting settings or using a reset button, depending on the thermostat model.

When you call for the HVAC technician?

If you determine that your AC unit is still not working and it tripped over and over again, then don’t try to reset the AC breaker again. Some other causes may include fan motor issues, compressor failure, faulty wiring, and clogged air filters.

Whether it is the AC circuit breaker issue, finding the reset button on the outside unit, or any other advanced issue that is mentioned above. You need to contact our TheFusionFeed expert team, and we will solve your problem instantly.

Why do I have to keep resetting my ac unit?

If you find yourself frequently resetting your AC unit, it may indicate an underlying issue that requires professional attention.

How to reset air conditioner after power outage?

After a power outage, reset the air conditioner by turning off its corresponding breaker, waiting a few seconds, and then switching it back on.

How to reset ac unit in apartment?

In an apartment, reset the AC unit by locating the circuit breaker for the AC system in the building’s electrical panel and toggling it off and on.


Ultimately, it is essential to be able to reset A/C breakers in order to fix typical problems that are brought on by power surges or power outages. In order to safely diagnose and repair your air conditioner, follow these instructions that are designed for do-it-yourselfers. Keep in mind that in order to fix the underlying issues and make sure your air conditioner works efficiently, you must seek professional help if the frequent resets continue. Learn how to reset the AC breakers so you can stay cool and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my AC power switch?

To reset your AC power switch, locate the switch near the unit, turn it off, wait a moment, and then switch it back on.

How do I reset my AC device?

Resetting your AC device involves finding the circuit breaker linked to it in your electrical panel, turning it off, waiting briefly, and then turning it back on.

What is the AC reset button?

The AC reset button is typically the circuit breaker in your electrical panel. Locate the corresponding breaker for your AC unit and reset it if needed.

How do you fix an AC circuit breaker?

Fixing an AC circuit breaker involves identifying the tripped breaker in your electrical panel, turning it off, waiting, and then turning it back on to restore normal operation.

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