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How Much Does Energized Health Program Cost? In An Depth Guide

Are you wondering to know that how much does energized health program cost? If yes, you will be interested in these types of programs.

It is a comprehensive and personalized program that combines nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coaching that helps you in achieving your wellness goals.

But the question still there is how much does energized health program costs. And how much are they worth it? We will give you an answer in this article and explain multiple things, such as what are energized health programs. How they work and what are the benefits of them. We will also share some of the best Energized Health reviews and a few complaints.

We will also share some samples and testimonials from the people who try these programs in their life, and then they get amazing results.

After reading this article, you will better understand whether these health programs are correct and how to start them.

Exploring the Cost of the Energized Health Program

This section will explain the pricing structure, cost factors, and various available membership options. Because it is important to understand them.

Understanding the Pricing Structure:

The cost of the energized health programs change by program length, support level, and individual needs. The program contains four components: coaching, community, nutrition, and exercise.

Every component has a different price based on the basic, premium, and elite level of support. Like different prices, they have different durations also, like 12, 24, and 52 weeks. The more time you enroll in it, the more you will save.

Understanding the pricing structure:

Factors that determine the cost:

Three main factors measure the cost of the energized health program:

  • The level of support you choose.
  • The length of the program in which you enroll.
  • The individual needs and goals.

The level of support affects the price of every component of the program. The length of the program will affect the savings you get and the total cost. Your individual needs and goals will affect the personalization and customization of the program.

Different membership options available:

The energized health programs provide three different membership options: elite, premium, and basic, which we mentioned above. Let’s understand these three memberships separately.

  • First, the basic membership has the lowest option, offering the lowest amount of support and guidance.
  • The level of support changes depending on the membership option you choose. The premium membership is the most famous option, providing more support and feedback than the basic one.
  • Lastly, the elite membership is more worthy and expensive because it offers maximum accountability and support.

Monthly Cost of the Energized Health Program

In terms of learning how much does energized health program costs, it is important to understand the pricing structure and different membership of energized health programs. Now, it’s time to learn the features and benefits of each plan and compare the three of them.

How much does energized health program cost per month?

If we talk about how energized health program cost, we need to analyze them based on the monthly cost. The monthly cost of the energized health program completely depends on the membership option and program you choose.

Now, we discuss the premium plan’s monthly cost. If we talk about the basic plan monthly cost, then you can buy it at $99 per month for 12 weeks, $89 per month for 24 weeks, and $79 per month for 52 weeks.

Then it is available for $149 per month for 12 weeks, $139 per month for 24 weeks, and $129 for 52 weeks. The last membership option, elite, will cost you $199 per month for 12 weeks, $189 per month for 24 weeks, and $179 for 52 weeks.

The longer you enrol in the program, the more monthly money you can save. Although, the program’s cost will enhance by increasing the program time duration. You can compare them and choose one which suits your budget.

How much does energized health program cost per month?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Energized Health Program guarantees that you will be happy with it. You can get your money back in full within the first 30 days if you’re not happy with the training.

Are there any additional fees apart from the monthly cost?

No, there are no additional fees except the monthly cost. Don’t worry. You need to pay the monthly cost only because it covers all the program’s components and will not hide any extra expenses.

Benefits and features included in each plan

Let’s discuss their benefits and features separately.

Basic Plan


This plan is affordable and flexible


They have customized routine exercise and personalized nutrition plan

Premium Plan:


This plan is famous and smooth


The plan contains weekly coaching sessions and access to the online community.

Elite Plan


This plan is exclusive and comprehensive


The user will get unlimited support and have daily check-ins

Energized Health vs Other High-End Wellness Programs

We looked at other top-notch health change programs to get a better idea of how much it would cost. High-end health retreats where you stay overnight can cost $5,000 or more per week. Even online health coaching programs cost around $300 to $400 a month on average.

With its medically-based approach and one-on-one support, Energized Health’s price puts it in a good situation to compete in the high-end wellness market. Professional fees are also fair because the leaders are very knowledgeable.

The $2,500 price tag seems about right for an elite school that promises to change your health in a way that will change your life. The real benefits seen, though, are what prove it.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

We understand carefully how much does energized health program cost so, now we are analyzing Energied Health reviews, their feedback, and any complaints from the customer.

Overview of energized health complaints:

The energized health program usually gets positive reviews from its customers. Those customers reported significant improvement in their energy level, weight, and health.

The health program has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Trust pilot, depending on 54 reviews. Most reviews state that the programs are effective, easy, and science-based.

energized health complaints

Analyzing customer experiences and feedback:

As owners, we learn from the customers’ experiences, outcomes, and challenges. This process will help us to understand the advantages and disadvantages of energized health program. Because when there are advantages to something, there would be some drawbacks.

In addition, we can also identify the common and usual themes and patterns in the feedback, like support, cost, benefits, and satisfaction. This will provide us the insights into how the program works and how we can improve it.

Alternative Options and Availability:

This is the last section of this guide which is based on how much does energized health program cost. In this section, we determine your options as an alternative to energized health programs.

Exploring other energize health programs:

There are other energize health programs besides the one that is John and Chelsea Jubilee. They all have similar goals and names but have different costs and features. Some examples are:

  • Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity
  • Exploring the Cost of an Energized Health Program
  • Home | Energized Health
  • Pharma Companies Launch Supplier Program to Advance Climate Action

So, these are some extra health programs we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before starting any new program.

energize health programs

Comparison energized health Amazon.

As you know, Amazon is a popular marketplace where many sellers sell various products, including eBooks and books on wellness and health. Few of the eBooks and books are related to the energized health program.

energized health Amazon

Energized Health Program Cost vs ROI

When figuring out how valuable Energized Health is, don’t just look at how much it costs up front. Think about how much money you could save on medical bills, how much better you’ll feel, and how many more years you could live.

It all comes down to results, and the Jubilees’ track record shows that they are well worth the price. Think of it as an investment in your health and happiness.

To sum up, the Energized Health program is pricey, but it provides huge value by:

  • Personalized treatments based on medicine
  • Holistic changes to diet, exercise, and way of life
  • Getting rid of long-term health problems
  • Health gains over time from prevention

Exploring Energize classes and Energize Gym Options

If you find other ways to energize your body and mind, you can explore the energizing classes and gym options. These fitness programs provide different exercises and activities that suit your goals and preferences. Below are some examples:

  • Fitness Classes at Better, Energize
  • Most Popular Fitness Centers & Gyms
  • Find Your Class! At Energize, there are many different class options for people of all.
Exploring energize classes and energize gym options

Accessing energized Belrose timetable and energized portal information

Energize Belrose is a family-owned health club located in Belrose, Australia. This health club offers a large variety of fitness facilities and classes. If you want to access the Energize Belrose timetable, then you want to visit their website and click on the classes section. 

There you will see the schedule of various classes like Boxfit, Pilates, yoga, spin, body pump, and much more. You can also modify the timetable through the date and instructor. 

energized Belrose timetable

If you want to access the Energize portal information, you need to be a club member. You have two options to join the club, which are to join online or in person.

  • Once you are a member of the club, then you can log in to the member portal using your email and password.
  • After entering the portal, you can book classes there, visit your account history, update your details, and more. You can also open the portal through Energize app on your tablet and phone.
energized portal information

Is it true that the Energized Health Program has some hidden fees?

The program doesn’t have any other fees except a $2,500 fee. Outside of the Energized Health program, there is a cost you need to pay if you want to join a gym, follow a healthy diet, and live a healthy life. So, these are matrics for which you have to pay money. Otherwise, there are not any other extra charges.

Free consultation Offered By Energized Health Program

The program offers a great option for its users. If they don’t accept whether this program is right for them or not, they can get a free consultation without any cost before signing up. During the consultation meetings, you can ask about health problems and program specifics to find out whether it can help you or not.

Does health insurance pay the cost of the Energized Health program?

No, there is no such type of health insurance companies that cover these kinds of life growth programs and detox right now because we can’t see them as medically necessary.

Cost savings on Energize Health

You should keep an eye on promotions and special discounts that are announced by the Energized program from time to time. They also provide an ambassador program that offers you a great discount if you lead market their services.


Energized Health program offers comprehensive and personalized wellness solutions. Membership options range from basic to elite, each offering different levels of support and guidance.

The program’s cost varies based on factors such as the level of support, program duration, and individual needs.

Customer reviews mostly indicate positive experiences, significant energy levels, weight, and overall health improvements.

The monthly cost varies accordingly, but there are no additional fees apart from the monthly payment.

Alternative options, such as other health programs, Amazon resources, energize classes, and the energize Belrose timetable, are also available. It is advisable to consult with a doctor before starting any new program.

Frequently Asked Questions: How much does energized health program cost?

What factors determine the cost of the energized health program?

The cost of the energized health program is measured by three main factors: the level of support chosen, the length of the program, and individual needs and goals.

The level of support affects the price of every component, the program duration affects savings and total cost, and customization based on individual needs and goals.

How much does the energized health program cost per month?

The monthly cost of the energized health program based on the membership option and program duration chosen. For the basic plan, prices start at $99 per month for 12 weeks, $89 per month for 24 weeks, and $79 per month for 52 weeks.

The premium plan ranges from $149 to $129 per month, and the elite plan ranges from $199 to $179 per month, all based on program duration.

Are there any additional fees apart from the monthly cost?

No, there are no additional fees apart from the monthly cost. The monthly payment covers all the components of the program, and there are no hidden expenses.

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