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Why Does My Generator Shuts Off After 20 Minutes?

Frustrated with this problem, why does my Generator shuts off after 20 minutes? Don’t worry. We will tell you the reason for this problem and provide you best solutions to get rid of it.

Generators are commonly used as backup power sources during power outages or in different areas where the electric supply is unpredictable. Although, some generators have that kind of feature, which allows them to shut off automatically after 20 minutes of use.

In this article, we will explore why a generator shuts off after 20 minutes and discuss the impact of these reasons on the Generator’s performance. We will also tell you the creative solution to this problem and how you can get rid of this problem. Without further talking, let’s dive into it!

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Reasons Why a Generator Shuts off After 20 Minutes:

However, this problem has several reasons; we will summarize the whole list. Here are the reasons why the Generator shuts off after 20 minutes:


The Generator might shut off after 20 minutes because of the overheating component. The reason for generator overheating is prolonged operation, excessive load, and lack of proper cooling. Although, the impact of overheating will result in damaging the engine of the Generator, overall performance, and electrical components.

Reasons Why a Generator Shuts off After 20 Minutes

Fuel shortage:

If there is a fuel shortage in Generator, it might be the reason why it shuts down after 20 minutes. This issue will create when the generator’s fuel tank needs to be filled, or there is a problem with the fuel supply system of the Generator. The impact of this reason will result in inconvenience during emergencies, interruption of power supply, and extended power outages.  

Low oil level:

Few generators have safety mechanisms that allow them to shut off automatically if the oil level is too low to stop damage. If the oil level decreases from the required threshold, your Generator will shut down after 20 minutes.

However, the impact of this problem will result in damage to the engine, increased maintenance costs, and decreased performance.  


Suppose the Generator runs at its rated capacity or above for an extended period. Then the overload protection may cause the Generator to shuts off after 20 minutes. This may happen when the connected load reaches the capacity of the Generator, putting strain on its electrical and mechanical components.

The impact of overloading can harm the Generator’s engine and electrical system and limit lifespan.

Engine malfunction:

If the Generator’s engine malfunctions get fails, it may shut down after 20 minutes. This can be caused by multiple issues: fuel system problems, ignition problems, or mechanical breakdowns. The consequences of engine failure can result in the Generator being completely shut down, requiring engine repairs or replacement, and causing extended downtime.

Sensor or control failure:

Sensors and controls on generators identify the characteristics such as temperature, oil level, and load. If any of these sensors or controls fail, the Generator will automatically shut down after 20 minutes as a safety precaution. Inaccurate readings, inappropriate operation, and potential damage to the Generator’s components can all arise from sensor or control failure.

Batter Issue:

Suppose a battery and the battery power the Generator isn’t charged fully. Then your Generator might be switched off automatically after running for a few minutes. We can’t say the exact minutes, but it will be shut off after 20 or 30 minutes.

The impact of the battery on the Generator shutting off after 20 minutes is that it will automatically turn off suddenly. So, you need to charge your Generator full time and make sure about the battery when you are turning on the Generator.


If there is any fault in your carburetor, then it might be possible that your Generator will shut off in a few minutes or even in a few seconds. But the fuel left inside the carburetor will create problems in your Generator because the ingredients from the accumulated petrol will start entering the carburetor and stop the flow of proper fuel.

Generator Shuts Off After 20 Minutes Problems

 Timer or setting:

Some generators have timers or settings that allow them to shut down automatically after a particular time. If you program the timer or setting to turn off the Generator after 20 minutes, it will do so regardless of the operating conditions.

The impact of a timer or setting shutdown might be intended, such as for energy conservation, or accidental, such as when the timer or setting is not set up correctly, it will result in unexpected power outages.

7 Top Solutions to Get Rid of Generator Shuts Off After 20 Minutes Problems

After discussing the reasons above, we will now tell you the best possible solution to why your Generator shuts off after 20 minutes. Follow this solution and get rid of this frustrating problem.

Check for Overheating:

Overheating is the primary cause for generators to shut down after 20 minutes. To fix this problem, ensure the Generator is air-conditioned and not overloaded with excessive power demand.

Plus, regularly clean the air filters and inspect the cooling system for blockages.

We recommend you consult a technician for further investigation and repair if the Generator continues to shut down due to overheating.

Verify Fuel Level:

A lack of fuel may also cause generators to shut down after 20 minutes. Check the fuel level in the generator tank and ensure it is full. Running the Generator with a low fuel level will allow air to enter the fuel system and disturb its operation.

Refill the tank with the recommended fuel type and quantity to ensure continuous generator operation.

Monitor Load Capacity:

Generators have the highest load capacity; if the capacity exceeds, they shut down automatically. Check that the overall power demand of all connected appliances or equipment does not exceed the rated load capacity of the Generator.

Consider turning off any unnecessary equipment or lowering the load to avoid overloading the Generator because it will lead it to shut down after 20 minutes.

Check for Faulty Sensors:

Few generators contain safety sensors that might detect problems like low oil pressure or high temperature, resulting in an automatic shutdown. Analyze these sensors for suitable operation and replace any faulty ones if needed. Regular maintenance and sensor inspections can help to stop the Generator from unexpectedly shutting down.

Inspect Spark Plugs:

The Faulty spark plugs may decrease the engine performance and cause the Generator to shut down after 20 minutes. Inspect the spark plugs for wear or fouling and replace them as needed. To guarantee smooth Generator running, clean and space the spark plugs according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Generator Shuts Off After 20 Minutes Problems

Consult Manufacturer’s Manual:

The manufacturer may provide particular directions and troubleshooting steps for each generator type. For troubleshooting suggestions, maintenance recommendations, and solutions to the Generator shutting off after 20 minutes. So, consult the Generator’s manual and Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to help you identify the problem and how to resolve it.

Seek Professional Help:

If the problem continues or you need help resolving the power source, it is better to call a certified expert or contact the manufacturer’s customer service for assistance. They can accurately identify the problem and provide expert solutions to safely and efficiently resolve the issue of the Generator shutting down after 20 minutes.

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Bonus Tips That Help You in Generator Shuts Down Problem

If the above solutions didn’t resolve this issue, you could follow these bonus tips, which resolve your issue. Our team usually experiments with these bonus tips, and we resolve this issue.

Check the fuel level:

When we face the Generator shutdown problem, the first thing we check is the fuel level of the Generator. Because it is one of the most common reasons of Generator shuts off. So, you must check the fuel level regularly and replace it if needed. Plus, it will avoid the running time of gasoline, and automatically Generator shuts off.

Clean the air filter:

As a safety measure, a blocked air filter can also cause a generator to overheat and shut off automatically. Ensure you clean or replace the air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Make proper airflow and stop overheating issues that may cause the Generator to shut off prematurely.

Check for proper ventilation:

Generators need proper ventilation to dissipate heat and ensure that operations are efficient. If the Generator is placed in a tight space with inadequate ventilation, it may overheat and shut off after 20 minutes of operation. Place the Generator in a well-ventilated area with sufficient airflow to avoid overheating and sudden shut-offs.

Avoid overloading the Generator:

Running the Generator above its rated capacity may lead it to shut down quickly. Avoid overloading the Generator by being aware of the power requirements of the appliances or equipment you operate on it. If the Generator has difficulty powering all linked gadgets, it may shut down to protect itself.

Check for any loose connections:

Loose or damaged connections might disrupt power delivery and cause the Generator to shut down suddenly. Inspect and tighten any electrical connections, including the spark plug, battery terminals, and wiring, regularly to ensure they are secure and corrosion-free.

Perform regular maintenance:

Regular maintenance is essential for a generator’s smooth and reliable operation. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance plan, including oil changes, spark plug replacement, and fuel system cleaning. Proper maintenance can help prevent problems that could cause the Generator to shut down after 20 minutes.

Different Types of Generators and Their Run Times :

Although, certain types of generators have different run times. So, we are going to mention those generators here.

  • Standby Generator:

Standby Generator is most commonly designed to automatically kick in during a power outage and give power back unless the main source is restored. However, if we talk about the runtime of this Generator, then it can run for hours, days, or weeks. But last, it depends on load capacity and fuel source.

  • Portable Generator:

These generators are smaller and are commonly used for temporary power needs, like during outdoor events and camping trips, or as backup sources for important appliances during a power outage.

The run time for portable Generators can depend on their load capacity, fuel capacity, and efficiency. Although, their run time is between 4 to 12 hours and will depend on their load and size.

  • Industrial or Construction Generator:

When you enter construction places, you will see these types of generators. Construction generators are designed for heavy-duty use in different sites, demanding environments, and other industrial settings. They can run long and have a load capacity of 8 to 24 hours. Further, they depend on fuel capacity and power load.

  • Inverter Generator:

It is a portable generator that provides cleaner and more suitable power for sensitive electronics, making them ideal for laptops, smartphones, and other devices. They are known for their run time and fuel efficiency. However, their run time ranges from 6 to 12 hours.  


Now we will wrap up this blog post; many people face this type of problem in their Generators. You need to identify the reason, first of all, why your Generator shuts off after 20 minutes. After identifying the problem, you can discuss it with any expert or call the manufacturer.

There are multiple reasons for this problem, some of which we mention in this blog post. We also discuss the solutions and bonus tips that are helpful for you to resolve this issue. The whole blog post will help you resolve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions on Why My Generator Shuts Off After 20 Minutes?

Why does my Generator shut off after 10 minutes?

There are a few reasons why your Generator shuts off after 10 minutes. The possible reason for this problem is overloading in which most Generators are shut down. So, you need to reduce the Generator’s load when it shuts down and restart it again.

How can I make my Generator run longer?

If you want to run your Generator for the long run, you need to change the spark plug and air filter every 200 hours. Or you can change them at least when the season starts. A new spark plug and clean air filter will ensure the proper fuel mixture and push the engine to run more efficiently. It will also extend the lifespan of your Generator.

Why does the generator run for 10 minutes and then stop?

The reason is that there is a fault in the exhaust system which cause the generator to be shut off after a few minutes after running.

Why does the diesel generator shuts off after 20 minutes?

When the temperature outside is high, the fuel tank may be pressurized, and the vacuum will become sealed because of the gas cap failing.

Why does generator keep shutting off?

If you use too much equipment on the generator, it will shut off.

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