Do guppies like warm or cold water?

Do Guppies Need Heaters? The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Fish Healthy

Guppies are basically tropical fishes that live in warm water with different temperatures in the wild. Today, these fishes are not limited to living in the tropics; people adopt them, and they have to live in certain environments. The question raised here is, do guppies need heaters? They need warm water, not cold, to live a healthy life. Most of people have fish tank as they are the part of Home Appliances.

But a heater is not everything they want. There are different types of heaters that you can buy for guppies. This article will discuss why guppies need heaters, what kind of heaters they need, and what type of heaters they want. We will also explore some effects if you don’t maintain the temperature constant and their effects on guppies.

Why Do guppies need a heater?

After providing a short answer, do guppy fish need a heater? Now we are explaining to you why they need a heater. So, guppies are linked to the streams and rivers of South America. The water in the South American region is warm compared to other regions worldwide.

If you are not living in this region, you must buy a water heater for guppies. The heater will provide them with the temperature they are taking in that region. In addition, guppies need a water heater because when they are taken outside of that region, they will no longer hard species.

Purchasing a water heater for your guppies will warm the aquarium water slowly compared to air. The heater balances the ideal temperature your guppy requires to live.

do guppies need heaters

What temperature do guppies need?

According to our experts, the perfect temperature ranges between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The tropical fish guppies require warm aquarium water to survive. Although, keep in mind that these fish can adapt slowly to changes in temperature. These fishes will be fine if the temperature drops or rises regarding their actual temperature range on occasion. But if these fishes are exposed to extreme or cold changes, they might get sick or stressed.

How do you Test Water Temperatures for a Guppy Tank?

There are two best methods that you can use to test the ideal temperature, and they are thermometers and your hand. First, put your hand into the fish tank to determine if it is cold, hot, or lukewarm. Our experts identify that the best temperature for your guppies might be lukewarm, but this is not the perfect method because it doesn’t outline the exact temperature.

So, we recommend using the second method, which is a thermometer. The thermometer will give you an accurate result, whether a traditional or a suction cup thermometer.

How do you Test Water Temperatures for a Guppy Tank?

What Happens When Guppies Are Exposed to Sudden Temperature Changes?

The answer to this question is yes because, as I said earlier, guppies can adapt to cold and water, so it will be a sensitive situation if they are exposed to sudden temperatures. They fall into shock after experiencing a sudden drop in temperature. The shock will cause them to die or hurt them, like irreversible permanent damage.

If the water temperature suddenly increases, it will lead to different problems. The oxygen level of guppies will decrease if the temperature of warmer water increases, and they will need air to live. If they didn’t get air in the next few minutes, then they would probably die.

What is the ideal temperature for Neon Tetra Fish?

Understanding neon tetra tank temperature is important because they live in the South American region. If you are thinking, do neon tetras need a heater? If so, then yes, they need it.  The temperature for tetra fish ranges between 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the water temperature for mollie fish?

The best molly fish temperature ranges between 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If you think that mollies need a heater, they need it because they must live in warm water to survive.

water temperature for mollie fish

How do you select the perfect heater for a Guppy Aquarium?

Choosing the perfect aquarium heater for cold water fish is difficult, especially for beginners. But we are here to help you; you don’t need to take any stress. Our expert team TheFusionFeed researched it for you, and we will provide you with the correct wattages of cold-water aquarium fish.

Perfect Water Heater Wattages for Guppies:

We explain to you that you must purchase a water heater to maintain the temperature of the guppy tank. After that, you need to consider the perfect size of the heater because if you have a bigger tank, then the heater will require more wattage to function properly.

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Guppy Aquarium Heater Size Guide

Tank SizeWatts
10 Gallons75 Watts
20 Gallons75 Watts
25 Gallons100 Watts
40 Gallons150 Watts

This is the short guide to aquarium size of gallons and watts you require to keep your fish healthy in guppies.

Guppy Aquarium Heater Size Guide

4 Types of Aquarium Heaters For A Guppy Tank

After providing you with full-proof information on our topic, do guppies need heaters? Now it’s time to look at the types of heaters because only some are suitable for your guppy tank.

1. Submersible Heater:

The submersible heater is the first type of heater that guppies need in their tank because it is submerged in water to heat it. When you place this heater at a vertical or horizontal angle, then it will be more effective.

Submersible Heater:

2. Hang-On Heater:

Hang-on tank heaters are one of the most economical types of heaters. In general, these types of heaters are part and parcel of the starter kit, or you can purchase this heater from your pet store or local aquarium.

You can find these heaters at the back of your aquarium, which is closer to the top edge. These heaters are perfect for species such as Betta Fish or Guppies but must be avoided in saltwater or marine aquariums.

3. Substrate Heater

These heaters will go under the gravel, giving you uniform heat around your whole tank. They are perfect because you don’t have to worry about their visibility. However, if there is a worse situation with them, you might need to remove them, which will be quite painful.

Substrate Heater

4. Filter Heater

If the size of your aquarium is large, then this heater is perfect for you. They are attached to your tank’s filtration system, making them more invisible to the fish’s eyes and decreasing the chance of damage related to fish.

Do guppies need a filter?

Yes, it is important to have a filter in the guppy aquarium because it balances the quality of water and gives a healthier environment.

Can guppies live without a filter?

Technically, guppies can survive without a filter, but we recommend you put a filter for the well-being and longevity of fish.

Where Should You Place the Heater?

When placing the heater, you must try to place it close to the filter because the filter spreads the warm water all around the tank. It means the temperature of the tank will be evenly disturbed. If you don’t place it close to the filter, one side of the tank is warm, and the other will not.

For a bigger tank, we recommend you put in 2 heaters, but if you have a small tank of normal size, then one is enough. If you have 2 heaters, place one heater near the filter and another on the opposite side of the filter so that the heat will distribute evenly in the tank.

What Happens When Guppies Live in Very Cold Water? fish for cold water

Guppies might be inactive and sluggish if the tank’s temperature is less than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish will not generate enough heat to move around and do swimming. Fishing in cold water has a negative effect because the cold water will limit your guppies’ breathing.

In addition, tropical fishes will be stressed when they live in a cold environment. Stress will lead them to aggression, infections, death, or weakened immunity. There will be few health complications because of cold water.

Lastly, the cold water decreases guppies’ growth rate and affects their organs’ development and metabolism rate. As a result, they will have a short lifespan.

What Happens When Guppies Live in Very Cold Water? fish for cold water

What Happens When Guppies Live in Hot Water?

Just like cold water has certain effects on guppies, it will also affect your fish if the water becomes warmer than normal. If there is a heater in the tank of guppies and you set the temperature high, it will ultimately damage the internal organs of fish and fins.

When you identify that guppies are swimming haphazardly, it means the water is too hot. If you analyze that suddenly, the pattern of your fish changes, then the first thing you do is to check the water thermostat quickly.

What Happens When Guppies Live in Hot Water?

Do guppies need an air pump?

If you are wondering if guppy needs an air pump, they don’t necessarily require one.

Can guppies live without an air pump?

Yes, they can live without an air pump because they breathe from the surface water of the tank.

Do guppies need a light?

Technically, they don’t require it, but if you give them a light, then it will be an advantage for their well-being.

Do guppy fry need a heater?

They don’t want the heater mandatory because they benefit from the stable temperature. It will be helpful for them to make sure of the optimal conditions for their growth.

What fish don’t need a heater?

Various hardy fishes like goldfish, white cloud mountain minnows, and bettas can tolerate their temperature and don’t require any heater.

What is the Best fish for small tank without heater?

If you have a small tank, bettas, White Cloud Mountain minnows, and various species of snails, it will be your best choice.


The article reveals the deep truth of this question: Do guppies need heaters? Guppies need to live in a good setting for their health and well-being. Since guppies are from South America need warm water, so tanks outside their home countries need heaters. Keeping the temperature steady, ideally between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, is vital for their growth.

It is important to carefully choose the aquarium heater’s type and power to fit the tank size. Guppies don’t have to have an air pump, but the right water conditions, like the right temperature, are very important for their health.

Keeping the tank clean and at the right temperature helps these tropical fish live longer and be healthier. The answer to “Do I need a heater for guppies?” is yes, because it’s important to keep the water where they come from warm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can guppy survive without a heater?

Guppies can live without a heater but do best in warm water between 72°F and 78°F.

Can I keep guppies without air pump?

Guppies don’t need an air pump because they can get enough oxygen from a well-filtered tank with good surface movement.

Do guppies like heat?

Guppies like warm water, so 72 to 78 F is a good range.

Will guppies survive in cold water?

Guppies are tropical fish, so they might be unable to handle cold water. They do best in hot water.

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