Embracing your natural curls with a short hairstyle can be both liberating and stylish. As a professional hairstylist with over a decade of experience specializing in curly hair, I’m excited to share this comprehensive guide to 175 short hairstyles for curly hair. We’ll explore a variety of cuts, styling techniques, and maintenance tips to help you make the most of your unique texture.

Understanding Curly Hair Types

Before diving into specific styles, it’s crucial to understand your curl type. The Andre Walker Hair Typing System categorizes curl patterns as follows:

2A-2CWaves (loose to defined)
3A-3CCurls (loose spirals to tight corkscrews)
4A-4CCoils (S-patterns to tight, densely packed coils)

Knowing your curl type will help you choose styles and products that work best for your hair.

Pixie Cuts for Curly Hair

Pixie cuts are bold, low-maintenance options that can beautifully showcase your curls. Here are 25 variations with styling tips:

  1. Classic Curly Pixie
    • Style: Short all over with slightly longer top layers
    • How-to:
      1. Wash and condition with curl-enhancing products
      2. Apply a leave-in conditioner and curl cream
      3. Scrunch gently to encourage curl formation
      4. Air dry or diffuse on low heat
      5. Once dry, separate curls with fingers for added volume
  2. Tapered Curly Pixie
    • Style: Shorter sides and back with more length on top
    • How-to:
      1. Follow steps 1-4 from the Classic Curly Pixie
      2. Use a small amount of pomade to define and separate top curls
      3. Smooth down sides with a boar bristle brush for contrast
  3. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie
    • Style: Longer on one side for a dramatic look
    • How-to:
      1. Apply styling products to damp hair
      2. Use clips to direct longer side curls as desired while drying
      3. Once dry, enhance the asymmetry by tucking the shorter side behind your ear
  4. Textured Curly Pixie
    • Style: Choppy layers for a messy, effortless vibe
    • How-to:
      1. Apply a sea salt spray to damp hair
      2. Scrunch and tousle while air drying or diffusing
      3. Use a texturizing paste to piece out individual curls for added definition
  5. Undercut Curly Pixie
    • Style: Shaved sides with longer curls on top
    • How-to:
      1. Keep undercut areas trimmed regularly
      2. Style top curls as in the Classic Curly Pixie
      3. Use edge control gel to smooth any baby hairs along the undercut
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